We are Xafi & Auri, two Russian Blue cats living in the South of England with our humans and little foxy brofur @errol.the.cat.

Who we are

We are two (American Type) Russian Blue cats, born in the UK and adopted in summer '16 (Xafi) and Winter '16/'17 (Auri). We live with our humans in Reading (UK) and share our home with our two humans, Catdad and Mummy.

Our little brother Errol joined us in summer 2018. He is a Somali cat that looks abit like the love child of a fox and a squirrel ;)

Why you are here

We wanted to give our fans and furiends a chance to learn a bit more about us. We will share some more information about us, our humans and the scaly brothers and welcome questions and comments.


We love to hear from friends and fans; so, if you'd like to say a big 'Hello' back to us just click below.
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Our Story

How it all began

Our Instagram story started with Xafi joining the humans in August 2016 and not long after that, in January 2017, Auri joined the family. 

Love at first sight

We are sisters by blood, but born in different litters. We have very different personalities, but work together like Yin and Yang. Xafi is the cuddle Queen and Auri the trouble maker. We are sharing our daily adventures and cheeky stories on Instagram. Why don't you give us a follow: @xafiandauri

More about us


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