Collaborations and partnerships

As catfluencers we do of course love to collaborate and work with brands. We do this in two way:

Promotion on our Instagram account

We work with a number of brands by promoting their products on our Instagram account including MyKotty, Paul Hewitt, saveplace and Litter Robot. We only promote products the girls (or we) actually like, use and that we can honestly recommend. We therefore ask for sample products before any possible promotion. We always endeavour to create engaging, high quality content to present your brand in the best possible way to our followers. Please enquire below for our rates and example posts.

Promotional photography and videography

In addition to promotion we also offer professional photography and videography for your specific purposes. Using high end camera equipment, two beautiful cat models and by providing a friendly and quick service we can create the content you need for your website, print or social media. We have previously supplied companies like Litter Robot, Pet Stages / Outward Hound, MyKotty and Pet Clever. You can read some of their testimonials below.

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch and find out about our rates and available services.

Anneken exceeded our expectations as an influencer/photographer, and I would recommend her to any business looking to grow through influencer marketing!


Litter Robot


Litter Robot

“Anneken exceeded our expectations as an influencer/photographer, and I would recommend her to any business looking to grow through influencer marketing. She provided us with clean, professional looking content, that was ready to go and required nothing additional on our part. She ALWAYS replied in a timely manner, and truly cares about the content she produces. Her Instagram engagement is great, her cats are extremely captivating, and I think working with her would benefit any company similar to ours!” - Matthew Wyman, Influencer Marketing Coordinator at Litter Robot


"We are incredibly happy with the work Anneken from has delivered for myKotty. She has provided us with product photography on two occasions now and produced beautiful, high quality photos each time, exactly to our requirements. Anneken always provides a great variety of photos for us to choose from, even on tight deadlines. Xafi & Auri are beautiful and fit very well with our high quality, and modern image. We would recommend Xafi & Auri to anyone looking for high quality work with a quick and friendly service." - Marta Pietrusiak, Co-founder of myKotty

Interested in Collaborating?

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