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Adventure in Wales

October 26, 2017
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Another Holiday - Another adventure. Or so we thought!

Last weekend we went to South Wales with the girls to first go to a wedding and then spend some time at the Welsh Coast at Cardigan Bay. Tim and used to live in North Wales for three years which is also where we met. Being back at the rugged and beautiful coast was amazing.

Unfortunately storm Brian had different plans and this is the weather we encountered:

Cardigan Bay

It was extremely stormy and wet all day Saturday. Not what we had in mind, but in the end we still had a wonderful weekend with a small adventure on Friday and a very cosy, cuddly Saturday.

But first things first: We arrived in Brecon, within the Brecon Beacon national park, on Thursday to attend a wedding. We stayed at a lovely little BnB with an amazing hostess. Due to time pressure and bad lighting we don't have any photos from our stay there, but we had a wonderful time. The girls are very good now at adapting to new places and called the room we had their own within 15 minutes.

After the wedding we moved on to Cardigan Bay, greeted by a gloomy Sky and a fresh breeze. 

Knowing that storm Brian was on its way we decided to do a quick walk with the girls along the coast and to a tiny little hidden beach.


We spent a short time there, but the girls didn't like the rather noisy waves there and led us further down the coast.

Waiting for Xafi and Catdad (Tim)

The wind was picking up quickly though and by the time we had the camera out to film they showed signs of discomfort. The wind was very loud and so were the waves.


We therefore have only the short video of our adventure shown at the top of this post. We don't ever want the girls to have a negative experience outdoors so we let them lead us back to the main path and we walked the short way back to our flat.


On Saturday storm Brian hit the coast in full force. We didn't even attempt to leave the apartment and just enjoyed doing nothing. The girls were extremely cuddly that day - both with us and each other.

sleepy Auri

All in all it was a wonderful weekend, despite the storm. On Sunday then we packed up relatively early and said goodbye to the sheep under a gloomy morning sky.

And off we went, back home. It was not the holiday we planned, but it was nonetheless a wonderful time full of warmth and love.


As always - thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts!

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