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Our Cornish Adventure - Part One

August 25, 2017
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Whenever we can, we try and take the girls with us on short holidays. Both Tim (CatDad) and I are avid hikers and love being outdoors. Sharing this with our cats is just a big bonus for us and we are lucky both girls enjoy traveling with us.

While not all cats like to travel, our girls relish the adventure and we try and give them new experiences and stimulation by taking them with us when we do trips within the UK.

Our latest adventure brought us to the Cornish coast, more specifically a small town called Tintagel. Known for its legendary connection with the life of the mystic King Arthur, Tintagel is situated right at the west coast of Cornwall surrounded by beautiful rugged cliffs and small secret beaches.


View from Camelot Castle Hotel

But first things first: Traveling with two cats – how does that work?

For one – you need to find a place that will let you take your cats. We made good experiences with smaller, private B&B’s you can find on the typical B&B search engines. We usually approach the owners assuring them that our cats are clean and do not scratch furniture. So far we were really lucky and found a great place every time.

Coast near Tintagel

Secondly – travelling in a car with two cats is an adventure on its own.

As you could see in the video a lot of planning and packing is involved when traveling with cats. We often joke that it’s like travelling with small children – you pack more for them than you do for yourself!

When we go away we always take their favourite things with them including a lot of toys, but also at least one bed, a couple of blankets and a scratching post / board. The familiar smell of their things helps them settle down in new environments quite quickly.

We also take travel bowls for food and water which are handy not only for the car ride, but also when we are on walks with them.

For the car journey itself we have a very large carrier that we can secure in the back of the car and a top opening litter tray that we can wedge behind one of the front seats. Some cats prefer smaller carriers for a feeling of safety, but we have the larger carrier so they can sprawl and walk around during the drive.

We never (!) let them out in the car while we are driving. Cats can be distracting to the driver, get under the pedals and are deadly “projectiles” in case of an accident – deadly both for them and the humans. Even harnessed it is not advisable to have them outside a carrier during the drive.

Instead we take regular breaks depending on their needs so they can walk around in the car, get a little cuddle, visit the litter tray and eat and drink.

Xafi and Auri are great car travellers. We time our drives so that we are on the road during their usual midday and afternoon nap time. They often complain after five minutes driving for about 10 minutes and then sleep the rest of the time.

Once we arrive at our destination we get all our (and their) luggage into the new place and arrange them in the apartment to distribute the familiar smell from home everywhere in the new place. After that it’s exploring time.

While Xafi usually hides at first Auri is an adventurer and has to investigate everything straight away.


Once Auri has determined the new place “acceptable” Xafi comes out and they both explore for about an hour before settling down for a nap.


In Cornwall we were lucky to have a beautiful apartment with a long corridor (good for chasing games!) and a large window looking to the coast and over a beautiful meadow with two horses grazing.

The girls spent hours watching the countryside, the horses and birds and the dog that was lounging in the courtyard.

Xafi on window duty

On our first day we took it easy. After a few hours exploring and watching we all settled down for some food and Netflix – a typical Friday evening really. It was an exciting and tiring day for us all, but the real adventure would start the next day.

On Saturday we were doing our first walk with the girls along the coast near Tintagel. We will share a new blog post and video about our first adventure day next week – stay tuned.

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