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Our Cornish Adventure - Part Three

September 8, 2017
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In the past two weeks I have told you a bit about our trip with Xafi and Auri to Cornwall. Today I am retelling the third and last part for you which we spent at a secret beach.

As always – we started our day with breakfast and window duty for Xafi and Auri. On holiday we like our mornings slow and relaxed with kitty cuddles in bed and some playtime and more cuddles. Especially this morning as it was raining and we almost lost hope to be able to go out again.

Auri watching the horses out of the window

In the early afternoon the rain finally subsided and made way for the sun peeking through white clouds. Before the weather could change again we packed the girls up for a little car ride to find one of Cornwall’s many hidden beaches.

The reason they are “secret” or “hidden” is due to the rocky cliffs that form the distinct coastline of Cornwall. There isn’t much beach to be found and what there is, is usually covered during high tide and only accessible on foot.

No problem for us! We drove the car down winding, tiny roads which made every encounter with oncoming traffic a challenge. After a few minor detours we finally reached a small farm on the rocky shores of Cornwall that allowed cars to park up the driveway. From there we walked past some curious Cornish sheep until we reached the beach during low tide.

However as you can see it’s not a beach with white sand and ice cream vendors – the Cornish beaches are rugged with black coarse sand and rocks and no stalls, beach chairs or toilets in sight.

We love these remote and rough areas, they are paradise in our eyes! Most people on the beach that day were families or couples who were hiking along the coastal walk or surfers...well and this weird couple with a drone and two cats. ;)

After finding a quiet spot away from the other people we settled down.

Tim (Catdad) surveying the beach

The girls were wary at first – the waves and wind were quite noisy, especially later with the incoming tide. Xafi stayed in her backpack snoozing or curiously watching everything from a safe space. We always make sure they are happy and comfortable and don’t ever “force” them to explore.

Auri however, after a little bit of coaxing, did a bit of an exploration. The small puddles and wet coarse sand weren’t especially to her liking (A lot of paw shaking and disgusted face-making was going on).

What is this sticky stuff on my paws?!

It took a while until she was “tail up” exploring, but she did in the end – hopping from rock to rock and sniffing at the algae, barnacles and sea debris while Catdad was flying his drone with Xafi chilling out next to him.

We didn’t stay as long here as we did the day before, mainly because the tide was coming in fast and we didn’t want to be cut off from our way back.

Incoming tide around the rocks

So off we went back to the temporary home enjoying a lazy afternoon. We went to one of the local bakeries to get some traditional Cornish Pasties for dinner and took some more photos before settling in for another cosy cuddle-session with Xafi and Auri.


The next morning we took a quick breakfast in a local cafe. Xafi and Auri were quite the attraction of course and the girls tried to explore the cafe and investigate the other patrons. It's always a challenge to keep them with us, they are just too curious!

After breakfast we said a last goodbye to beautiful Cornwall and Tintagel.

Camelot Castle Hotel

Atlantic Ocean

The drive home was smooth and the girls slept the entire way. Coming home is always nice, however this time it was hard for all of us to leave the beautiful countryside of Cornwall behind us.

We don't do these holidays as often as we would like, but finding the time and a holiday home that allows us to bring the girls can be a challenge. This time we actually used Home Away who seem to be cheaper for longer trips (three nights and more) and we found quite a few places through them that allow pets.

We do hope we can do this again soon and take you all with us via videos and blog posts! Until then - kitty kisses to you all from Xafi, Auri and the humans!

Please feel free to leave a comment below, We would love to hear your feedback.

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