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Our Cornish Adventure - Part Two

September 1, 2017
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Last week we told you about the first part of our little Cornish adventure including what we do to prepare for traveling with Xafi and Auri and how we ensure they are comfortable in their temporary new holiday home.

Today we will show you our first walk along the Cornish cliffs, including some drone footage of Cornwall and how Xafi and Auri enjoyed a sunny afternoon on a meadow near the cliffs.

Tintagel Coast and Camelot Castle Hotel

We started the day with some more horse, dog and bird watching from the window of our new place. 

After a hearty breakfast we packed up the girls in their two backpacks. We have two different cat carrier backpacks since we are still trying to find the perfect solution for them and us. A lot of you have already asked which backpacks we use: The grey one below is from Zooplus and the black one from Amazon.


Ideally we need a new backpack though where both cats fit in so I can carry them while Tim carries the drone and camera backpack. If any of you have a good suggestion we would love to hear them!

Once everyone and everything is packed up we are on our way. Tim carries the drone backpack and the backpack with Auri on the front and I carry Xafi. The girls are quite the good backpack travellers unless we are near a road. They hate the sound of cars so we always try to stay off the road and away from people and other animals.

After walking for half an hour we found this beautiful meadow:

We stayed here for the afternoon whilst enjoying the weather, taking photos and Catdad flying his drone.

We had to constantly keep Auri from eating the bees that were all around us. She got stung once on her paw, but fortunately not badly.

Auri licking her bee sting

Xafi preferred staying with her Catdad and “help” him fly the drone. We always keep the girls leashed when outside. They are indoor cats and Russian Blue Cats are known for being very flighty when they get spooked and are deemed to be not especially "street smart". A lot of you have asked what harness we use and why. We have done a lot of research before deciding on a harness and opted for Puppia in the end. Traditionally a dog harness, more and more cat keepers use them nowadays. They are sturdy, comfortable and the cats can't wiggle out of them. The girls use size xs at 3.3kg - most cats will probably need size S though or size M for bigger cats.

After a very chilled-out afternoon we headed back. Tim and I left the girls in the new apartment they now fully accepted as their territory and went back to the coast to take more photos making use of the beautiful evening light.

Cornwall is a truly stunning place. The people were incredibly friendly, the houses looked very cute and lovely. The food was also very nice, especially the fish! But most of all we just enjoyed the breath-taking landscape all around us.

We ended this evening again with lots of cuddles in front of the TV. The next day we would go to a secret, hidden beach of which there are quite a few in Cornwall. Stay tuned for the retelling of our beach adventure next week!

Now we are curious – do you ever go outside with your cats? What experiences – good or bad – have you made? How do you “transport” them to new destinations? We’d love to hear your views so feel free to leave a comment below.

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