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The arrival of Errol

August 5, 2018
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On Sunday the 28th of July 2018 little Good Boy Bindle Featherstone of Quirm, for short: Errol joined our little family. A lot of fans and furiends of Xafi and Auri asked us about him and why we decided on a third cat so we wanted to write a little blog on the topic.

Errol is a Somali cat which is a relatively young cat breed. They are essentially the longhaired version of the older style Abyssinian cats. Long-haired Abyssinian have been recorded throughout the history of the breed, however, this variety was not bred specifically until the early 1960s in America by an Abyssinian breeder.

Somali are also called "the smiling cat" (a title also given to Russian Blue by the way) and are known for their good-natured temperament, their intelligence and their playfulness. But mostly they are known for their lush fluffy coat and fox like looks that gave them the nickname "Fox Cat".

The breed comes in 28(!) different colours of which "ruddy" or "usual" is one; this is the colour Errol has. 

So why did we decided on cat number three? Xafi and Auri are a very harmonious duo and going into this we knew we had to be very careful about getting a third cat to not jeopardise their relationship.

The reason why we decided on a third cat are actually quite simple. For one: Anneken (Meowmie) had a very bad case of kitten fever. I mean - who doesn't love kittens?

The second reason was Auri. The girls love each other, but when it came to play time Xafi only ever wanted to play with us and not with Auri. Auri is a very cat oriented girl whereas Xafi is very human oriented. We hoped that a playful addition to the house with give Auri the playmate she is looking for so desperately in Xafi.

Still - we took our time deciding. Every additional cat adds a risk of causing trouble in paradise. Since Auri is quite active and playful for a Russian Blue we decided to go for a breed that is very similar in temperament to Russian Blue (intelligent, affectionate, curious) but that was a little more like Auri in their playfulness. Somali were always one of our favourite breeds. When we were looking for our first cats together we were looking at both Russian Blue and Somali but in the end we decided on Russian Blue not least because we found the most incredible breeder who gave us the two most beautiful girls in the world. Since Somali are very similar to Russian Blue cats in their temperament, but tend to be a little more active and playful they seemed the perfect choice for our third cat.

With some help from a friend on Instagram we found an incredible breeder in Germany both with regards to their cats but also their attitude. For us the right breeder is very important. We wanted to make sure they breed for the right reasons. For us right reasons are preserving the breed they are passionate about, introducing healthy genes into the cat population and wanting to genuinely find loving homes for their babies by insisting on getting to know potential parents for their cats.

This breeder had two kittens left at that stage, one of which sounded absolutely like what we were looking for in terms of temperament. Calm and relaxed, but playful and cat oriented. When we then saw his picture we were done for:

Who could say no to that face?

After a few long conversations with the breeder (who was also very thorough in making sure we would be good cat parents to little Errol) we decided to make the jump and add Errol to our family. We still had to wait a few weeks to give Errol enough time with his mum. Cats need at least 12 weeks with their mum before they are fully socialised and ready to leave their home. A lot of people think eight weeks is enough, but that is simply not true. We actually gave Errol until he was 15 weeks old before we picked him up so he had more than enough time and also got all the shots he needed to come to the UK with us.

So this is how Errol came to be the little brother of Xafi and Auri. He even has his own Instagram account already - click here to see it.

In our next blog we will tell you a little bit more about the introduction process with the girls and how they reacted to him.

As always thank you for reading and we welcome your feedback in the comments below. Kitty kisses from us all.

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